A Book for you

It’s an App with customizable e-books where you can upload your children’s photos, change their names, ages, city, and country where they live. You can also add the names and ages of their brothers and sisters, cousins, or best friends to include into the stories.

Four adventurous, magical, interactive, stories to read and enjoy with your children.The App motivates children to read since they are the protagonists of their own adventures.

When you buy a book, you can download the images of each page directly onto your cell phone, tablet, or personal computer, avoiding delivery costs, time, and hassle.You can choose to print your personalized books at home, or you can choose to have a professional print out a luxury copy for your children, or as a gift for your children’s friends and extended family.

When you buy a book you will also have access to the images of each page with, or without, the text so you can print one or more images to hang as paintings in your children’s room, to create crafts, calendars, or whatever else you might like.

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Who I am

The author, Sabina Fortunato, is the mother of three young boys- including three and a half year old twins. Originally from Rome, Italy, Sabina has traveled throughout the world and besides Italy has resided in the United States and Spain. It was during her international travels, that Sabina acquired a love for storytelling. While teaching young students in California, Sabina realized that she had a passion for developing sketches in which magical stories were told utilizing her own students as the protagonists of the adventures. The students, seeing that they had ownership of their tales, would spend countless hours excitingly listening how their classmates would become police officers, soldiers, fighter jet pilots, etc.. Years later, seeing a need for an interactive children’s book to entertain her own three young boys, and drawing from her sketches and storytelling passion, Sabina developed this new and exciting App.

An engineer by training, Sabina has held multiple high level positions in the corporate world. Currently residing in Madrid, Spain, with her husband and children, Sabina would love to dedicate more time in developing apps that will help not only her, but all mothers looking for a fun way to interact with their children while learning about the world.

A book for you features

Beautiful HD illustrations

Beautiful HD illustrations joined with a rich narrative on every page.


Allows you to upload the picture of the protagonist of the book, change his/her name, and change the age, city and Country where he/she lives.

Menu Function

Allows you to add two more names into the stories and add the relation the protagonist has with them such as brothers or sisters, cousins, best friends.

More Features

The Superhero Princesses book allows you to upload two photos for two protagonist girls!!!

You will have your personalized book on your mobile or tablet the moment you buy it, without waiting for delivery costs and time!

You can print the images with or without the text on your home printer or decide to print a real professional book with a hard cover and all the luxury you want to add.

How to use it?

Click on the MENU icon, enter child’s name, age, city and Country. Choose either the camera icon or the photo album and upload your child’s photo.

Next, click then Arrow right and enter the name and age of the brothers, cousins or best friends.

Click the arrow right to enter the story.

Enjoy it!

Customer’s suggestions

This application works as promised. I found the app to be user friendly and richly entertaining. The last slide of each story allows the user to download all of the pictures to your tablet, or mobile device. By using a web based print shop I was able to order the children’s grandparents calendars with my children as the protagonists of their own stories. The kids grandparents, who live abroad, were thrilled to receive this thoughtful gift and have been proud to show the calendar to all of their friends.

Marta Rey


This app is fascinating. I downloaded the pictures to my tablet and then printed the pictures on my home printer. My children and I spent a marvelous afternoon cutting the images, transferring the images on hard paper stock, and then creating book marks for their school books. The response from my children’s friends has been mesmerizing. All the kids want to know how they can also have book marks depicting their pictures while “playing the drums”.

Pablo Dominicis


My son’s passion is soccer. I have printed the images of the book “The soccer champion of the Universe” on stickers (online there are many shops where you can personalize your stickers) and we put them on the wall of his bedroom. It looks terrific!!!! He is so happy!

Aurelio Huertas


I was able to print "The Rock Star and the Witch", utilizing one of those online print stores, for less than 10 euros with bright, clear, pages and a hard cover. I also printed the images of the "SuperHero Princesses" book, where my two daughters look like princesses, and made a giant poster for the girls bedroom. My daughter's friends were amazed when they saw the poster for the first time. They all wanted something similar for their bedrooms. The superimposed images were of excellent quality. I highly recommend this app.

Alexandra Artunduaga


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